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What We Do

Local to one of South Australia's most beautiful Coastal Towns, we hand source vintage surf wear and other curated vintage picks.

Modelled by locals, we aim to create and support a community of growing environmentally conscious individuals and their growing passions and tastes for unique styles.

Follow along the journey by following the Instagram @pott.hedd.picks.

We post Frequently on our socials as well as host Mini Markets.

We keep our website regularly updated with Frequent item drops, so be sure to check in often.

The Latest Market

Pott Hedd Picks payed a visit to the crew over at No Bad Days, located on the shore of Moana this past weekend!

We were joined by some usual suspects including 



and the lovely 


The afternoon was filled with some sweet live tunes alongside some incredible gin and beer tastings, all accompanied by a beautiful sunset to end off the arvo.

Thankyou to everyone that attended and came out to support Pott Hedd and the other local stall holders.

Pott Hedd Picks & Friends hope you had a magical time and snagged some of your new favourite picks.

 Until next time.


Mini Market Gallery

Our Next Market 

To Be Announced

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Why shop Second Hand?

The textile and fashion industry has a long and complex supply chain, starting from agriculture and petrochemical production (for fibre production) to manufacturing, logistics and retail.

Each production step has an environmental impact due to water, material, chemical and energy use.


Many chemicals used in textile manufacturing are harmful for the environment, factory workers and consumers.


Most environmental impacts occur in the textile-manufacturing and garment-manufacturing countries, but textile waste is found globally.


Fast fashion has increased the material throughout the system. Fashion brands are now producing almost twice the amount of clothing today, compared the year 2000.


Current fashion-consumption practices result in large amounts of textile waste, most of which is incinerated, landfilled or exported to developing countries.

Thoughtfully Curated Picks

Pott Hedd Picks takes great pride in ethically hand sourcing cool second-hand items and vintage surf wear for a wide range of bodies.


We are proud to provide an easy and sustainable shopping experience to aid in the rehoming of stylish picks for you to love and start building your own vintage collection.


Our Bit For the Environment

A retailer's and consumer's responsibility.

We pack all of our items in recyclable packaging and send them off in home compostable, bio degradable parcel bags. We ship your picks off to you using AusPosts carbon neutral delivery service. 


Even our business cards are made of fully recycled materials.

We never throw out any garment, instead we often repair unique pieces we find and on sell them, saving them from landfill.

  • Michela Cesarina Mason, Rubens Pauluzzo, Rana Muhammad Umar, Recycling habits and environmental responses to fast-fashion consumption: Enhancing the theory of planned behavior to predict Generation Y consumers’ purchase decisions, Waste Management, 10.1016/j.wasman.2021.12.012, 139, (146-157), (2022).
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